Table of Contents – Online Store Live!

Table of Contents

Since opening day, I’ve had the pleasure of perusing Table of Contents weekly, if not often daily. Each time I visit the store, I find a new object or item I want and more importantly find myself needing and therefore purchasing. If you’re not living in or visiting Portland, OR, you have not yet been able to have this gift. But, now you do! You can peruse online! The best store in the world now has an online shop!

It started as a project Joseph Magliaro and Shu Hung have been working on for eight years, a retail space based upon their love for publications. What has come to life is a space organized like a biannual magazine with each issue featuring a different theme. If in Portland, OR, check out Table of Contents, Issue #1 and buy a couple of items along the way. If viewing from afar, take a peek online.

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