Spoek Mathambo – Father Creeper

Spoek Mathambo

Spoek Mathambo – Let Them Talk [OFFICIAL VIDEO]

I met Spoek Mathambo for the first time in South Africa during the World Cup. After numerous emails about an amazing mix he created for the NSW X FADER ‘Pitch Perfect’ series, he quickly became one of my favorite people. After quite the mix up with a car service to get him and his band to FTC Soweto for a performance on the roof, he showed up cheerful and excited after catching his own cab. I was sold. And, his performance was on point.

He came to New York later that year and played a FADER party where we had several technical difficulties, but he was pleasant as always and worked with it. That’s when I also met Julie, his manager, and also amazing. Good people!

I was lucky enough to get some time to meet up and hang inAustin during SXSW this year. Keeping true to all things Spoek, his band is comprised of other super cool, chill, rad, amazing, and talented guys from all over the globe. I’m hoping to catch up with some of them again on my travels this year. I can’t wait.

Last night, they performed at SOBs for the Father Creeper album release, Spoek’s sophomore album released on Sub Pop. Unfortunately, I’m forced to live the release by flyer and jealousy.
If you haven’t yet checked out Spoek Mathambo, watch the Father Creeper video here. You won’t be disappointed.

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