Hong Kong – April 2011

What I would give to have one of these right now.

With May nearly over, the end of month five 2011 gave me a little push to recap a visit to Hong Kong in April. After a long sabbatical from Flickr, I discovered my correct login information needed to post some photos taken during my trip. My time in Hong Kong was also my first week with a new Canon S95 and I’m quite the fan. I’m glad I decided on the purchase.

My overall reaction to Hong Kong is it makes New York look like a baby and man, do they know how to shop. I splurged a bit. A lot. I’ll follow-up with a post about some awesome purchase finds.┬áThink wallet (gasp, I finally got a new one) and what I call a camera case.

I owe a special thanks to Bo. She was our local producer and all around cool and fantastic guide through the city. THANK YOU for showing me around even more on my last day! Please, visit me anytime! Bo is also a very talented photographer. Check out her work here.

A huge thanks also goes to Vivian and Karen. I had a blast meeting you both in person and also hope to see you stateside soon. Vivian, you’re a fantastic shopper.

And always, John and Jiae are the epitome of cool.

Next travel stop, Mexico City.

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