NYC Send Off

It’s been roughly four years living in New York, both Manhattan and Brooklyn, but I’m about to take the plunge from the city. I’m excited for the next wave, Portland, OR, but am still sad to say goodbye to NYC and all the people I’ve met here.

For those who have endured my obsession with Max Fish and the photos I have taken within it, my farewell will take place on Tuesday, 11/16 at the one and only.

It started as a joke earlier this year; I snapped a glory days Myspace era pic in one of the restrooms of Max Fish. Since that night, I have returned to snap numerous more. In honor of ridiculous and often painful to look at shots of myself in the graffiti’d restrooms, I’m requesting everyone who attends my farewell to send a shot of themselves in the bathroom to me at You will have to visit post 11/16 to view the photo gallery.

Send Off Marfish at Max Fish

Marlina is Moving to Portland!


ALL attendees are REQUIRED to send a restroom self shot from the party to

Max Fish

178 Ludlow St, NYC

7pm – late

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