Madison Square Market

Madison Square Market is back! Each year, I have grand plans to devour some food and each year I don’t. This year, I am. I wandered down to Madison Square Market yesterday to grab some lunch. I discovered Roberta’s has set up shop here for the month. Off I went to put in an order¬† for two.¬† I couldn’t decide between the Margherita and the White and Green but was able to get both for a split. All in all, the time from order to service was quite quick and fresh. About five minutes after placement, my pizzas was placed in my hands direct from Roberta’s oven.

I thoroughly enjoyed both pizzas. The margherita is a standard, but also very tasty. The white and green had sprinkles of shaved garlic, always a favorite despite the breath it leaves me with. Kaela mentioned the white and green was a bit salty. I have to agree. All in all, I may sway slightly toward the margherita but would order the white and green again. The cost for each pizza was eight bucks. Although I inhaled the pizza quickly, I was still hungry after it settled.

For some reason, I had the urge to buy the cannolis staring at me from Stuffed Artisan Cannoli while waiting in line to order Roberta’s. With a price tag of $2.50 a piece or three for $5.00, I purchased three – an original, coco loco and a pistachio. I enjoyed the chocolate shell of the coco loco but the filling of the pistachio was the best. They were good, but I’m just not a big cannoli head.

Today, I might venture over to finally try my first bite of Pies N Thighs at the market. It’s about time.