page twelve.

I have spent many evenings, afternoons and morning eating (devouring) the fine cuisine of Gabe Jaffe, the master mind and chef behind page twelve. I’m not exactly a stranger to his seconds and thirds, and I’m definitely not shy while found in the kitchen scraping leftovers out of the pan. (I embrace my filth.) I have many favorites (everything he cooks), but Gabe sure does bake a delectable pork and his sauces are to die for.

He’s a multi-talented dude, with exceptional cooking skills, and his newest venture is nothing to scoff at. Gabe creates a personalized private dinner party experience for two – 12 guests. The personalization begins by crafting multi-course menus customized to individual palettes. Gabe personally describes each course as served during the dining experience.

You can find more information about page twelve and salivate over his food photos here. To contact Gabe with questions and or booking, email him at

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