Fried Chicken and R. Kelly

My love for fried chicken resurfaced at the Eggs and R. Kelly brunch featuring every episode (to date) of Trapped in the Closet about a year and a half ago. Since that brunch, cravings for fried chicken often come on strong. This has spurred the end of a night finishing off some thighs and breasts at Crown Fried Chicken on Fulton complete with a laptop and R. Kelly jams.

Departing from the R.Kelly and fried chicken theme, I visited Hill Country Fried Chicken last night. I’m not quite sure what spurred my excitement to visit as each visit to Hill Country BBQ always leaves me content but not in love. Similarly, I left Hill Country Fried Chicken appeased but not satisfied.

Note the lack of color in my selection

Similar to MANY other reviews, I found Hill Country Fried Chicken to be extremely expensive. I walked out the door with a drumstick, thigh, mashed potatoes, a shake, a mini pie and a small soda for the grand price of 21 dollars. Jasmine walked out of the place with a fried chicken salad, drumstick, corn and a small soda for the grand price of 17 dollars. The chicken was tender and the differing fried techniques were good to sample, but I don’t think I’ll be back. It’s just not worth it.

The highlight of my night was the fountain soda. Solely Boylan’s soda is on tap. But, THEY DIDN’T HAVE CREAM SODA! I downed my fair share of the cane sugar root beer, the only reason I may return to the joint anytime in the near future. Perhaps, R. Kelly really is the key to a good fried chicken.